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The Paper Chase

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Since I’m going to be sitting here on my big wide one for about 24 hours, I might as well accomplish something besides blogging to raise money for my favorite charity, Adopt-A-Cat of Houston. And that is to organize my personal papers. They are a mess. I’m a legal secretary by trade and it’s my job to keep my boss’s voluminous appellate files (including massive appellate record — which consists of all the pleadings filed in the trial court AND any transcripts of hearings or the trial itself), briefs, and what-not organized and easy to find. But my own life? It’s a train wreck!

I’m posting using Zempt, a blogging interface created specifically for MovableType users. I love it to pieces, but the one thing it does not have (yet) is the ability to upload images. So for a screenshot of the catastrophe that is my computer room, I’ll have to switch back to the MovableType console. You’ll be spared for now. But check back later….

[musica!] Listening to: Samba Monterey – Dennis Murphy – Hit Me Hard (05:02)

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