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The Miz-sing Link!

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My apologies to Miz Sherry, whose blog template I snarfed several weeks ago while redoing my blog page. If anyone who’s reading this now read it a few weeks back, my first template was a color-changing CSS style sheet, which after several viewings ceased to amaze and delight, but rather began to irk and annoy. I finally settled on the red-themed shoes, the toenails of which foot seem to captivate Acidman so much. (To be honest, they do look quite a bit like my own and if anyone knows where to find the shoes, I and about 3 other women from my office would love to get our hands on a pair!) The red theme was chosen for the most part because my and Robert’s main site is called Ro-Jo (and as some of you linquists may know…. well…. you know). Anyway, during all these costume changes, Miz Sherry’s link back didn’t make it to my page. For which I apologize; it’s there now. Is the bottom of this page starting to look like someone’s old pickup truck plastered with the Internet equivalent of bumperstickers? Honk if you love blogging!

Graphics by Mizz Sherry

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