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The Long, Arrogant Arm of the United States

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I’ve been reading with interest the news reports (which are scant here in the U.S.) about Kosovo, being as it is, poised for some semblance of independence (or at least autonomy). Elections over the weekend of October 28-29 in Serbia mustered barely the majority necessary to even carry a vote (they were voting on a new Democratic Constitution, the present one having been in place since Milosevic’s reign).

As the London Economist explains, it’s pretty much out of Serbia’s hands, as Kosovo has been administered by NATO since the bloody bombings of 1999. (A blog rant for another day.) Nonetheless, the voting Serbian public was led to believe that a vote for democracy was a statement to the world that Kosovo would remain part of Serbia. But nothing could be further from the truth. The fate of Kosovo instead lies with the so-called Contact Group, comprised of the majority ethnic Albanians of Kosovo and certain governments, including the United States and Great Britain. They have their own ideas about what should go down:

Trade-offs between them are being proposed, some involving issues unrelated to the Balkans, such as Iran.

Iran? WTF Yes, Iran has everything in the world to do with the Balkans. And all of this goes to show that it was never, ever, not even in your most drug-induced hallucinogenic dreams, about humanitarian efforts.

Garter snap to The Kosovo Report Blog.

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  1. Estavisti

    The Serbian public know perfectly well that might makes right, and they know that the US will probably manage to force Kosovo’s independence. Public opinion polls have shown that several times. It’s just that they don’t agree with that happening, even though it most likely will.


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