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The Kitchen Bitch Witch

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Since I’ve been left to my own devices today, I decided to clean out the refrigerator. A meal has not been cooked in this kitchen since Robert went into the hospital on Tuesday. (Me microwaving hot dogs and breakfast tacos definitely does not count as “cooking”!)

There was a whole seedless watermelon in there that hadn’t been cut, plus I found a drawerful of lemons. What WERE we thinking?

So I cut up the watermelon to take for lunch most of the week next week and for a healthy (?) snack for when Robert comes home tomorrow (?). But being my mother’s daughter, I always hate to throw things away.l I scraped out the pulp and juice from the melon and remembered the lemons.

So here’s my impromptu recipe for watermelon lemonade or waterlemon:

With the back of a spoon, scrape the pulp and juice from the rind of a medium watermelon. You should end up with about two cups of pulp and juice. Strain the pulp and discard. This should leave you with about a cup of juice. Set aside.

Squeeze the juice from four lemons, strain the pulp and seeds. Combine this with the watermelon juice. Add enough filtered water to make two quarts.

Sugar to taste. (I used 8 packets of Sweet N Lo.) It should look something like this….


[Listening to: You’ll Lose a Good Thing – Lou Ann Barton – Antone’s Women: Bringing You the Best in Blues (03:26)]

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