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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (But Not Necessarily in That Order)

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On the way to the hospital tonight to see Robert, I stopped off at the grocery store to get something to snack on and to grab some more of this, along with a few other items, when out from nowhere (well, actually, out from one of the aisles I was just walking past) came a careening cart full of screaming children. The mother was apparently oblivious to her offsprings’ carryings-on. Sheesh. The damn cart almost hit me in the shins. I stated, sotto voce, hey, this is a grocery store, not a playground! And kept on walking, to the other end of the store where the dairy products were.

I heard the mother say, “What?” Anyway, I finally made it down to the dairy case without further incident when I heard the bitch behind me barking, also sotto voce, “The FAT FREE is right here.” Whereupon I turned to her and smiled my most saccharine sweet smile and said, “That’s not what I’m looking for. But thanks for thinking of me!” and plucked my creamer from the shelf and turned and left.

I wanted to say, “Yep, I may be a COW, but at least I’m no BROOD MARE.” But I decided better of it. By the time the sow had gotten to my end of the store she herself was out of breath, and her cryptic words meant nothing to the other bystanders. She ended up making herself look like a raving dumbass. (Naturally, she could say nothing in defense of her progeny, hence the personal attack. Happens all the time!)

Completely overshadowing this, and basically, completely canceling it out, just as I was getting out of my car and heading toward the entrance to the hospital, I saw the most beautiful thing. A cloud of white organza, chiffon and lace was standing in the door. It was a bride, in full wedding regalia, accompanied by her groom. They looked adorable. It was ten o’clock at night on a Saturday. A (small) crowd of curious onlookers had gathered in the doorway. She was absolutely stunning, a tall young Black woman with flawless skin, and probably especially radiant at that moment. The dress was gorgeous. And here I was without my camera! I’m not sure exactly what the circumstances were, but apparently they were married earlier in the day and one or the other of their parents was in the hospital. How sad that they had to miss the occasion, but looks like the bride and groom showed up to give them a small sample of what they had missed. Now I know why people (women usually) cry at weddings. The brides look gorgeous. At least this one did. I told her how just the sight of her, radiant and happy, with her whole life ahead of her, had just made my evening. She and her new husband waved at everyone and strolled across the parking lot.

When I arrived at Robert’s room, he had some good news of his own: He might be able to come home tomorrow evening or Monday. Let’s hope so!

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