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The Goddess, The Cracker and The Double-Cat Dare

Posted by Joni in General

Apparently, someone (who should KNOW BETTER) issued Joanie a dare. A challenge. A threat. Now, I have spoken to Joanie on the phone on a few occasions, and although I’ve never met her personally, I feel like I know her. Even I would not be so foolhardy as to think that if I made a statement like that, that she wouldn’t immediately commence to upload pictures (or “pixtures” if you are Jodi) like this…


or this…


In the spirit of camaraderie, and in perpetuation of the Double-CAT Dare (coined by Sgt. Hook in her comments), I present you with my own Ode to a Jawja Cracker…. (But don’t worry, Rob. Your SECRET is safe with me….)

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