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The Goddess and the Serpent

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Joanie has a post taking issue with Kate‘s rant of this weekend. All throughout Joan’s post, she smugly talks about how much Kate “has.” As if relative wealth and a scenic view are any insurance against misery or unhappiness. Since when is “whining” the sole province of the weak, the unattractive, the lonely, or the middle-class? Girl, please. And as I recall, she never once even suggested she was speaking for all womankind. Only for herself. You may wish to reread her excellent post. And you may do so here.

Funny, when I read Kate’s post, I didn’t take from it that she wanted sympathy; she just wanted to vent. Isn’t that part of what a blog is for? And isn’t it what a good friend is for? To listen, objectively and without judgment? Some people just aren’t cut out for that I guess.

And as for me, well, I’ve felt pulled in ten different directions at once. But the reason I never said anything about it? Because I’ve always been conditioned to keep a stiff upper lip. Some days I feel like just getting in my car and driving and not looking back. Oh, but I have a well paying job, a fancy sports car, a darling flat and a man who loves me. Therefore, according to Joan’s theory, I have absolutely no right to bitch about anything. So when can the bitching start? What disease, life problem or personal obstacle is the magic one, Joan, that will imbue me with that Goddess-given right to bitch?

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