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The Friday Five

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This Friday Five is very timely for me because I’ve been doing a lot of bitching about my job lately. So here goes….

1. What is your current occupation? Is this what you chose to be doing at this point in your life? Why or why not?
I am a legal secretary. It is apparently my lot in life, since I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now.

2. If time/talent/money were no object, what would your dream occupation be? I think I’d like to revert back to my childhood fantasy occupation: a disc jockey.

3. What did/do your parents do for a living? Has this had any influence on your career choices? My father died before I was born, my mother raised me on her widow’s pension (Army pension wasn’t too bad). She tried to teach me to be independent, to learn a skill, and not just run off and get married. So in that respect, she did influence my decision. Since she died, when I was 22, I’ve been working and independent. I cannot imagine having to depend on someone else for anything. That’s not to say I don’t lean on Robert from time to time, and it’s so great that he’s there. But I would survive if he weren’t. And THAT’S how it should be, I think.

4. Have you ever had to choose between having a career and having a family?
Nope, because I never wanted a family — well, let me just say I never wanted CHILDREN.

5. In your opinion, what is the easiest job in the world? What is the hardest? Why? The easiest jobs in the world are jobs that, when you are done at the end of the day, there’s no “leftovers” for tomorrow. A good example of that is a radio personality. His shift is from 10AM to 2PM, and when he’s done, he’s done. Me, on the other hand, the work just keeps getting shoveled out here, faster than I can hide it or throw it away! (Just kidding, Boss Lady, if you’re reading this — which I doubt!). The hardest job in the world is any job you aren’t thrilled to be doing. No matter how simple or glamorous it may otherwise seem to anyone else.

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