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The End of the Line

Posted by Joni in General

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that made it possible for me to accomplish this, my first Blogathon. First, to the wonderful people who sponsored my cause, Adopt-A-Cat of Houston:

Michelle of Chastitycatt
Beer Mary of Rant-O-Rama
Venomous Kate of Electric Venom
Two Anonymous Cowards ;-)
Queen MedB of Queen MedB’s Castle
My buddy in the trenches, Dixie
Lisa Foronda of KHOU-TV
Rob of GutRumbles
Loretta of Observations of a Misfit
Michael of Starhawk
Sheila, my friend, co-hort, co-worker, Thelma to my Louise, and fellow Girl Tekkie, of Way2Happy.com
Frank of Sivad’s Soapbox
Kymberlie of The Neurotic Fishbowl
Jaynee of Cootiehog.com

Kudos to those fellow bloggers who blogged on through the night and especially to those whom I sponsored:

Greg of My Life as a Fischer
Lynda of So Very Posh
Pixie at PixieCrap

And to everyone who came by and visited my blog, cheered me on, and nudged me awake. Thank you!

I was able to raise $400 for Adopt-A-Cat of Houston.

My plan is to sign off now, take a nap and leave this blog up for a day or two. Then, I’ll remove the URL redirect so that regular blogging at jonielectric.com can continue. I’ll then import the entries from this blog into my primary blog. Later, everyone!

[musica!] Listening to: Give Me The Night (extended) – George Benson – Album (05:02)

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