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The Change Will Do You Good

Posted by Joni in General

Yeah, a change will do you good, sang Sheryl Crow.

I’m very happy with the overall look of the blog (as evidenced by the fact that it’s gone more than 72 hours without a face lift!). But I did make some minor changes.

Blogrolls. One thing I did was to make my blogrolls pop up in a separate little window (like the comment boxes). This way, the long roll(s) wouldn’t clutter up the side bar. And I divided them up into three rolls (kind of like my fat rolls, I suppose). Anyway, there’s the “short list” of blogs I can’t stop myself from reading every day. The second roll is blogs that are interesting and I don’t want to lose track of them, yet sometimes I just can’t read them ALL every day. Then the third roll is just other sites that I like and visit frequently. I may make a fourth blogroll strictily for blogging tools.

Jodi Does New York. I also was poking around in Because I Say So! and found Jodi’s lovely photo gallery. You really should go check it out. She’s got some wonderful photos of New York City, post-September 11. I already have my heart set on visiting NYC if not pulling up stakes and moving there. Her photos SOLD me!

Gallery v.1.3.1 And check out the program she uses to manage her photos. It’s a great tool for someone with a lot of photos on their website. Me, for example. I must have a gazillion photos and images on my Z-Car web site. And every time I added a set of photos, I’d have to painstakingly create thumbnails, upload images, make a new HTML page. It was very time consuming and utterly mind numbing. Now, I just upload the photos, they are already resized for me. And the pages flow seamlessly into my car web site. I’ve done the same thing at my cat web site. Go check it all out!

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