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I’m sitting here in the kitchen on Robert’s laptop. He is in his room. He’s hurled yet another epithet at me. It hurt of course, they always do. I am getting ready to make another Chess Pie. It’s my mother’s recipe and I remember her serving it every single Thanksgiving of my childhood. I kept the tradition alive. But this time, Robert wanted to make the pie himself. So I let him. Naturally, he burned it. So now I’ve got to make another one, plus cranberry sauce (from whole cranberries). And I need to start the rest of the food. I just hope he stays in his room and out of my hair (and face) until it’s time for dinner. Then, I will probably fix a plate for myself and head to my office upstairs, my sanctuary, where only the cat comes up to see me. Where I can find peace, for a little while.

Thankful? Even though my heart is broken over the way Robert’s and my relationship has deteriorated (I’m not sure how much of this I can or should attribute to his illnesses and paralysis), there are still a few things in my life that keep me sane and make me happy. So in no particular order, I’m thankful for..

  • This beautiful house, but I’m not too happy about the way we had to get it…
  • My wonderful best friend in the world, who with just one word can make my entire day, who when everything else is going wrong, I can count on…
  • My job. It’s gotten better in the last few months since I became a floater secretary. I’m paid well, quite well, and I enjoy what I do…
  • My freedom. I have the freedom to write what I want and say what I want without fear of reprisals from the government or military organizations in my country. Others around the world have no such luxury.
  • This blog, the one place where I can come and be myself…
  • My cat, who also sometimes is the difference between happiness and sadness. He loves me unconditionally .. as I guess only a beast can. And for that he gets an extra slice of turkey today!

And I did manage, at the last minute, to grab us a nice dining table and chairs. The table, with its nice inlaid wood, came from Peyton’s Auction Gallery. I picked up the chairs on e-Bay, the seller is local. They don’t match at all, but they look nice together in a funky sort of way, I think. The chairs have casters on them.

Our Mismatched Dining Table and Chairs


  1. Rori

    That is a darling kitchen set! I love the colors of your walls. I am in apartment blah-white.


  2. Vera

    Good that you kept writing. It was disappointing when you stopped on Opera Community blog.
    I need my daily Joni reading :)


  3. sarah

    I am so glad we met in Opera……I had to shut my blog down as well because of the fucking idiots that blog there. well, I still have a blog there but only my close friends know about it. It is like you are not able to do and say what you want to and REALLY be yourself unless you want someone cramming down your throat what they think. Don’t mean to bitch here. :)

    love ya,


  4. Vera

    People spend a lot of time judging other people in order to secure their position in society.
    I guess it’s a risk to be judged when you go public.
    So either face judgement or give up sharing your thoughts.


  5. rogerleos

    Hello, this is rogerleos from opera, remember me?
    I am Glad to meet you again.
    Be happy


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