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Template To-Dos

Posted by Joni in General

I still have a few things I want to figure out about WordPress and how I want my information displayed on this blog.

  1. Fix Master Archive Index
  2. Figure out what’s wrong with the Categories display on the sidebar since the upgrade. I want the categories to be in alpha order, the way they were before the upgrade.
  3. Displaying all the categories a post is in, if it is in more than one, like this: File it: Category 1 • Category 2
  4. Use dropdowns for blogrolls since they are kinda long now.
  5. Use dropdowns for category and monthly archives too.
  6. Figure out why it’s not honoring my blog URL and path using siteurl. If your install of WordPress is in a subdirectory (like mine is), you need to make a modification to your template. There’s a thread in the Support Forum about this.

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