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Tale of Two Kitties

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I am cleaning out all my old photo archives and burning CDs for them and came across this photo, which was snapped while Robert and I were living in San Antonio, circa. 1990.


The fish truck must have just driven by! No, actually, that sliding glass door opens onto a spacious patio surrounded by a tall wooden privacy fence. It’s also where the paper boy used to lob the Sunday paper. And it was, as I recall, a haven for squirrels and birds. So something must have caught their attention.

These two cats have both “crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.” Fred (tail, right) was my beloved red Persian. He died of kidney failure at age 9 in 1993, a few years after I moved to Houston. Cappuccina (or “Tuni” as we called her), in addition to being a pretty champagne Persian, was also a psycho-kitty I bought from a breeder in San Antonio. She was very aloof, unloving and generally a pain in the butt. When I left for Houston, I left Tuni in Robert’s care. He in turn left her with a friend of his and she lived to a ripe old age, mainly because Robert’s friend was as maladjusted and unfriendly as the cat!


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