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Taking Off

Posted by Joni in General

I’m taking the next two days off. Just going to piddle around the house, put my new toy to good use. The cable guy is coming out bright and early tomorrow morning to look at my cable modem and connection. (I say he’s coming out early because he’s supposed to be at my house between 8AM and noon, so naturally since I’d rather he come later, he’ll probably show up around 7:58AM!)

I’ve let the laundry go; it’s become a really sad state. If I don’t do it this weekend, I may be forced to go out and buy something to wear! So Friday will be laundry day. And folding day. And ironing day.

Saturday and Sunday will be free for Robert and me to play.

Of course today, the Bossette is redoubling her efforts to make sure everything that may possibly need to get done this week gets done today! We sure don’t want to leave anything difficult or trying (like typing) to the floater….

Still, I am hopeful I’ll be out of here at a reasonable hour!

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