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I Had Nothing Better to Do, So I Hosed My Blog…

Posted by Joni in General


Well, it COULD happen. I am currently running WP 2.1.2. I have found some way cool plugins that I want to try and I may as well upgrade all the way to 2.3.1 while I’m at it. So .. we’ll see what happens. Hope to see you guys on the other side.


I had some database errors regarding the tables _categories and _post2cats due to the changes that were made between older versions of WP and 2.3, which changes cut very close to the bone. To shut it up in the meanwhile and so that some of my beloved plugins calm down (e.g., Mini-Blog and WP-Sticky), I restored those two databases from my prior backup (you DO backup your MySQL database before performing surgery on your blog, don’t you?). I’m not sure what long-term effect this will have on the legacy plugins since those two tables will no longer be updated with current data… Time will tell.

What’s New

Most of the stuff that’s new is on the backend, for me to play with. But I do have some things here that add to the front end of the blog too. On the More About Me page, I’ve added LastFMRecords which displays recently played tracks from my account at LastFM. On the Colophone page, I’ve added a plugin that lists all the plugins used on this site. It’s worth browsing to see if there’s anything there you might like. I’m also now using a Site Statistics plugin on the sidebar so you can see just how busy I’ve been here (or what a slacker I actually am when it comes to updating my own web sites).