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Testosterone Check

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I was reading Robert’s owner’s manual for his new wheelchair. When I came to this section, I just knew I’d be mentioning it here. There are actual instructions for how to pop a wheelie, and extra instructions for an assistant to help the wheelchair rider to learn to do something like that. But first, some preliminary checks. Directly from the manual:

Doing a “wheelie” means balancing on the rear wheels of your chair, while the front casters are in the air. It is dangerous to do a “wheelie” as a fall or tip-over may occur. However, if you do it safely, a “wheelie” can help you overcome curbs and other obstacles.

The manual advises a person should “[c]onsult your doctor, nurse or therapist to find out if you are a good candidate to learn to do a ‘wheelie.'”

That nearly made me burst out laughing. I told Robert there’s one test to see if you are a good candidate for a wheelie, and it’s this:

1. Look down.
2. Do you see a pair of balls there?
3. Then you can go ahead and do the wheelie.

Nuff said.

A Quickie Q2 Lite

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He Won’t Stand For It

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I was out in the car yesterday running some errands. On the way back, while waiting in traffic, there was a guy on the median (esplanade). He was in a wheelchair. I could see that his left leg was amputated just below the bend in his knee. He didn’t appear to have a leg bag so I assume he was in the wheelchair due to the amputation. And of course, he was panhandling.

I started thinking about that and it made me angry. Because Robert is in a wheelchair too, but for different reasons. He’s paralyzed. He has both his legs, but they are basically useless now. He has to self-cath and when he goes out in public he wears a leg bag. Pretty inconspicuous, unless you know where to look and what to look for. Also has to do manual bowel routine every other day.

And it kind of made me angry that this guy was out there looking for money. Unless he was raising it to buy a prosthesis. And if he were to have one of those, well, he wouldn’t need the wheelchair. So his mobility problem is solved, right? I must have been thinking and concentrating so hard that I didn’t see the guy wheel up to me. Next thing you know, he thrust his can through my open car window. Thankfully the light turned green and I sped off. Leaving the guy in the chair to wonder what my last thought was.