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VD Theme

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Heh, are you guys as tired as I am of everyone referring to Valentine’s Day as VD? I just couldn’t resist going with the sheeple on this one. I’ve resurrected an old skin for February. I also use it in October during the Go Pink for October Breast Cancer campaign. I call it Hearts Afire. The pink polka dot background is courtesy of Citrus Moon. The divider graphics and sidebar icons are from True Type font Webdings and the banner font is True Type HeartBreak. All conjured up by Pixelita Designs, the web design shop I and he run. Enjoy!


A Few More Designs

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I’ve been on a creative bender today. Which makes Robert happy. He’s in the other room watching “the races at Talladega.” Or so he tells me.

My new default skin is a bit different. I’ve dispensed with the sidebar and just put all that junk on its own page. So all you see on the front page is me, me and more me. I’m going to stick with that style for awhile for myself. Of course the beauty of skinned sites is that you can do what you want. There are about 25 skins now available. Surely you can find something that appeals to you.