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T.M.I. (Too Much Information)

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You know, if you are here at all, that this blog is updated sporadically at best. It’s been years since I’ve been able to actively blog on a regular basis. That hasn’t happened since before Robert was injured. And back then, as you can see from digging in the archives for 2002-2003, I blogged incessantly on the weekends and nearly every day otherwise. Because something was sure to irk and annoy on a daily basis and I simply had to vent my spleen.

I’ve got so many little outposts on the Net that vie for my attention. I’ve got this blog (WordPress), a True Blood tumblog (Tumblr), a design tumblog (Gelato CMS), my Serbian tumblog (Gelato CMS), my vanity domain (HTML), my .info domain (Flavors.me), the web design site, the primary web design blog, my CMS Made Simple Showcase (CMSMS), all my testbeds, Facebook, my design company Facebook Page, three Twitter accounts, not including the Twitter design testbed, MySpace, and my permanently-abandoned bull terrier tumblog (Gelato CMS).

Whole lotta love goin on.
In da middle of what?
Say what?
What’s goin on?

~~ Publc Enemy, “Whole Lotta Love Going on In the Middle of Hell”

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to just have a tumblog. I have loved that microblogging concept since it first arrived on the scene. It didn’t take off at first, but now in this era of instant gratification and instant updates, there’s less room for thoughtful blogging and more need and desire for instant status updates and instant photos and posts and quotes, oh my.

Consolidating all my efforts into one — possibly two at most — tumblogs would allow me to ditch all those domains currently in use to keep nearly a dozen web sites up and running. It would allow me — perhaps — to blog more often, to update more often, to be less overwhelmed at the thought of doing it and inspire less fear and guilt.

So I’m just curious what you guys do — especially my webbie friends out there, some of whom keep a personal blog and a professional business site (and sometimes a separate blog to go with that). How much consolidation should I do? And if I do so, and abandon some of these forms of social media, such as Twitter, how should I go about it? Just steal off in the night like a renter on the run from a wily landlord? Or create one final post in each place directing my readers (all two of them!) to where the new stuff will be found?

Also, any tips on how to keep up with it all? I feel I suffer from information overload at times. I feel twinges of guilt because I can’t update my Twitter accounts or blog or even my FB pages as often as everyone else seems to be able to do.

And, finally, how much is too much, really? How much can one person be expected to keep up with at one time? How much time for blogging and updating one’s social media outlets should or can one person devote on a daily or weekly basis?

Phonelines are open. :)

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