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Testosterone Check

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I was reading Robert’s owner’s manual for his new wheelchair. When I came to this section, I just knew I’d be mentioning it here. There are actual instructions for how to pop a wheelie, and extra instructions for an assistant to help the wheelchair rider to learn to do something like that. But first, some preliminary checks. Directly from the manual:

Doing a “wheelie” means balancing on the rear wheels of your chair, while the front casters are in the air. It is dangerous to do a “wheelie” as a fall or tip-over may occur. However, if you do it safely, a “wheelie” can help you overcome curbs and other obstacles.

The manual advises a person should “[c]onsult your doctor, nurse or therapist to find out if you are a good candidate to learn to do a ‘wheelie.'”

That nearly made me burst out laughing. I told Robert there’s one test to see if you are a good candidate for a wheelie, and it’s this:

1. Look down.
2. Do you see a pair of balls there?
3. Then you can go ahead and do the wheelie.

Nuff said.

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