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Good Samaritan My Hind End!

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Cut the pathos about how this guy was a victim, a Good Samaritan trying to help someone. He was another something-for-nothing, money-grubbing opportunist who got what he deserved and the only people who are victims here are his wife and kids and possibly the landlord. (Guy claims he was robbed of $800 that was supposed to be his rent money — so why was he withdrawing it to give it to these grifters in the first place?)

Stokes said he was offered money for his help.

“If you take out money, we’ll match it. You can take your kids on vacation,” Harris County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable Sgt. David Mayes said Stokes was told.

* * *

Stokes withdrew $800 and was robbed a few moments later.

“He pressed a pistol in my cheek,” Stokes said. “I have children. My life is not worth $800. I gave it up.”

The men ran away with the money, Stokes said.

“That’s my rent,” said Stokes. “It’s gone and the first (of the month) is right around the corner.”

Color me completely unsympathetic.