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Attention, [Wal]-mart Shoppers… Cleanup on Aisle 9

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You know, we don’t celebrate Christmas around here. There’s just Robert and me. We have no kids. Our friends are grown and don’t expect anything. I do give a little something to my co-workers. But I’ve never been one to stand around in a crowd, and especially at oh-dark-thirty in the morning.

People the likes of the horde of rabid shoppers at the Forest Hills Queens Wal-Mart who trampled a store worker to death and then went about their shopping as if nothing were wrong, and some of whom in fact became outraged when asked to leave due to the worker’s death, just amaze me.

Shoppers stepped over the man on the ground and streamed into the store. When told to leave, they complained that they had been in line since Thursday morning.

To that I say, WTF? and Boo-fucking-hoo! So some cheapskate moron wasted an entire day of his/her life waiting in line in a store parking lot? While a man lay dying inside the store? For what?! There is no toy, no cheap-ass appliance, shoddy article of clothing or any other tangible thing worth all that time on my part and a human life on someone else’s (or my, for that matter) part.

Jesus Christ, you fuckers have screwed up priorities.