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Two Years, Two Million Tears

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I cannot believe that it will be two years tomorrow since Robo left my life forever. Sometimes it seems as raw and painful as if it happened just yesterday. Some days — most days, actually — I go through my daily routine with Robo tagging along in the back of my thoughts and in my heart. Other days, the grief overtakes me and I have to indulge myself in a tear-fest. Often those happen sitting in my car in the garage outside my house. Other times, in the shower, as I remember the baths he so loved to take, especially in the roll in shower created just for him right after we bought this house. With money gained from his medical malpractice suit.


A Footnote

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Hospital Day Five Thought I’d give you an update on Robert. I’m at the hospital right now, online.

Today Robert had his second foot surgery. The first one was yesterday. What they call an I&D (Irrigation and Drainage). They went in, after feeding him full of antibiotics and cleaning his ‘wound’ every day since Saturday, and cleaned, trimmed and debrided the wound. I guess they didn’t like what they saw when they did the I&D yesterday because today, they went ahead and amputated the great toe. The little piggy went wee, wee, wee. All the way to surgery.