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Just Another Reason To Miss Roberto…

Posted by Joni in About Him, Widda Hood

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I am sitting here at Big Law, bored, three projects completed and stacked up ready to be picked up. I decided to clean out my email inbox and Sent Items folders. I ran across this, written to a friend regarding relationship issue (she had been considering a divorce and asked for advice). Just another reason I believe Robo and I were (and still are) soulmates. There just isn’t anyone out there like him and never will be.

Robo and I have been together off and on, mostly on, for 30 years now. (Yeesh, am I THAT old?!) And he’s not like most men anyway. He’s always let me be who I am, let me do what I want as far as my career, legal secretarial, and more importantly my web design business. . . . He’s let me chase my rainbows maybe because he knows that all roads eventually lead back to him anyway.

Yeah, we broke all the rules friendship- and relationship-wise. And then he broke my heart.