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Talking About NATO

Posted by Joni in Serbia

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Today marks a very unpleasant and shameful anniversary; the 14th anniversary of the start of the NATO bombing of the former Yugoslavia, which lasted until June 10, 1999. While Serbia and her people have risen from the ashes and moved forward, this travesty of human justice and flagrant abuse of power by both NATO and the U.S. should never be forgotten.

[The NATO] bombing was an act in flagrant contempt of international law, and criminal under that law.

~ Walter Rockler, Former Nuremberg Prosecutor

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Just Another Reason To Miss Roberto…

Posted by Joni in About Him, Widda Hood

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I am sitting here at Big Law, bored, three projects completed and stacked up ready to be picked up. I decided to clean out my email inbox and Sent Items folders. I ran across this, written to a friend regarding relationship issue (she had been considering a divorce and asked for advice). Just another reason I believe Robo and I were (and still are) soulmates. There just isn’t anyone out there like him and never will be.

Robo and I have been together off and on, mostly on, for 30 years now. (Yeesh, am I THAT old?!) And he’s not like most men anyway. He’s always let me be who I am, let me do what I want as far as my career, legal secretarial, and more importantly my web design business. . . . He’s let me chase my rainbows maybe because he knows that all roads eventually lead back to him anyway.

Yeah, we broke all the rules friendship- and relationship-wise. And then he broke my heart.

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