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It’s My Life…

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Most of you who know me know that I switched to working nights at Mega Law Firm so that I could be free during the day to take Robert to his various medical appointments and to develop the web design business that I have with my friend. It’s worked out beautifully. Of course, as my supervisor correctly predicted, gone now are the first few days when it seemed like the day stretched out forever and wouldn’t end. Lately, I look at the clock and it’s 8AM and then I look again and, yikes! it’s already 3:30PM and time to get ready for work. Here’s my schedule, in a nutshell. There are four of us, split into two teams of two each. One week, Team A works 3:30PM-11PM Monday through Friday and has Saturday and Sunday off. Team B works from 4:30PM-11PM Monday through Friday AND works from 11AM-4PM on Saturday. Then we flip, so that we all work every other Saturday. I HATE the early weeks when I have to be at the office at 3:30PM. The only upside to that is the 2-day weekend. But seriously, I’d rather work every single Saturday of my life and come in at 4:30PM during the week. Why that hour makes such a difference is a mystery, but it does!