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And When I Die…

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And when I’m dead, dead and gone…. There’ll be… iGoodbye.com. Where my heirs apparent can have access to all my top secret information, information which I (heir) apparently don’t want them to have beforehand. Well, if I can’t trust them while I’m alive, why should I trust them when I’m dead? I can’t decide if this is just another great organizational tool or a scary-creepy web app.

From their home page:

Many of us have information about assets, financial accounts, and personal data that we would like to see passed on privately to ours heirs that we may be hesitant to share before we have actually departed this world.

It kind of hits close to home for one good reason. I’ve got a web design business that I run with my partner who is in Europe. We communicate strictly by email and ICQ. Other than the fact that we have never, not once in the two years we’ve known each other, gone more than 24 hours without touching base with each other, how would he know if I shed the mortal coil? Several days of silence? Robert would likely be unable (either due to his extreme state of grief, merriment or lack of computer knowledge) to contact Ivan to let him know of my demise. What then?

Well this *could* be a solution. I trust my web design partner with my life. And we work very closely together although we are 5300 mile apart. Because I’m a planner, I’ve already foreseen some of this issue and prepared a password-protected document that has all my account logins and a To Do List with regard to the business, current projects and clients. He always hates when I try to talk about death. Just exactly the way I hated it when my mother tried to talk to me about her death, and what I should do. So when mother did pass away, I was lost. Utterly and completely lost. I don’t wish that on anyone.

So for that reason alone (the obvious discomfort of my much loved biz partner and friend), $30 a year seems like a bargain. Unless I end up living to the ripe old age of 90, in which case this will cost me about $1200. And I sit here and think of the fun I could have fun with that money.