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Let’s Talk About Blow Jobs and Porn, Shall We?

Posted by Joni in General


I just have to get this off my chest. I’m a pretty liberal, live and let live, do whatever you want as long as it isn’t (1) hurting anyone but you or (2) bothering me kind of gal. And, just like every other red blooded female out there, I like sex as much as the next person. And I’ve been known to give a blow job or two, if the time, place and person are right. (I’m one of those old fashioned bitches who just puts out for the person she’s in love with.)

Let me just make this observation: When a woman’s eyes are bugged out of her head, when her mascara is running down her cheeks, when her eyes are wet with tears, SHE’S PROBABLY NOT HAVING ANY FUN. And .. there’s a big, fat, humongo difference between a blow job and a throat fucking.

A blow job, IMHO, implies that the woman is somewhat in control. A blow job is a sex act between two people, and it should be between two people who care for and trust each other. I’m not sure you can say that about a throat fuck. Because the person who’s on the giving end of it has to know when to stop. And these guys just don’t. Because part of the point of the throat fuck is to humiliate, to degrade, to assert power over the woman. There’s no love lost there. At least not that I can see.

So while, for the man I love, I’ll gladly tilt my head back and let him give me all the inches he has, if I ever say stop, or don’t or please don’t or please stop, he better do just that. Stop. Now.

And what is it with you guys? You’re willing to put your most precious organ into the one part of a woman’s anatomy that can do it the most harm?