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And On Another Note…

Posted by Joni in About Him, General, Widda Hood


Since my foot’s been healing nicely, I’ve had a bit of time to clean up around the house while I was on short-term leave. I cleaned out all the drawers in Robo’s room, which consisted of a lot of odds and ends, medicines and medical supplies. Lots and lots of medical supplies. I got all those sorted out and put up on eBay what I could and donated what they forbid me to sell. I also put over a dozen of my shoes, barely used and some new, on eBay and sold seven pairs. So I’ll be busy sending those out on Monday.

Not wanting to lose any of this newfound momentum, I turned my attention to paperwork. There is just so much paper and mail laying around the house, has been for years. If I can’t deal with it right away, I toss it into a large redweld and sort it when I can (read: when hell freezes over). I finally got all that done too. Sorted into piles, taxes, house, robo, joni, cat, web design business, bills, etc. All filed neatly away or discarded completely. (There is really no reason to keep owners manuals for items I don’t even have anymore!)

Finally, I cleaned out my drop front secretary in my bedroom, where I have one of my laptops. In it is a little drawer and there were some forgotten items there. Among them was this folded up note, heaven only knows how old it was or why it ended up there. But it was a note that Robert had written to me, probably way back when we lived in San Antonio or shortly after we moved to Houston. So that note is about 20 years old, give or take. I share it with you now. It touched me when he wrote it to me and I have never let it go and never will. I guess the reason I put it in my desk drawer was because I knew that was one place I didn’t frequently go into so it would be safe. The note accompanied a bouquet of flowers, something Robert seldom ever did so the gesture wasn’t lost on me. I think we must have had a huge argument or something. But it goes to show just how sweet and caring he really was.