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Name That Tune!

Posted by Joni in General

I have a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, which I bought last September to replace my Nokia 770 that ended up drowning in my handbag (don’t ask!). Since I got my Treo 700P, and loaded it to the gills with e-books, I haven’t used my Nokia too much and kind of forgot about it. While cleaning the house this weekend, I found it on a bookshelf. For some reason, I started searching YouTube for info on the new OS2008 (which I’d heard had problems). Anyway, I found this video. And here’s my question. Does anyone know the name of the song being sung at the beginning of the video clip? All the lyrics I can make out are … he’s gonna leave me … all by myself. Thanks and hugs and kisses and undying devotion (and anything else you wanna work out with me) to anyone who can answer this. I’ve Googled and Napstered and just can’t locate anything.

Thanks for posting that other great video! And thanks for providing the answer, Moby, In This World. :-)