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Leaving it to the Trained Professionals

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I’m pretty well known around the Big Law office for remaining calm under pressure. Just this past week, I was handed a project taken over from someone else where the lawyer involved seemed nervous and not confident that person could get the job done on time to meet the Fedex deadline. After the lawyer explained the task to me (and it was quite similar to other things I’d done for him in the past) and after I shooed him away from my desk, telling him only to come out of his office when and if he heard me scream, I was able to take care of the remaining task items (five Fedex packages with three Fedex slips each, for a total of 15 Fedex slips) within half an hour, well within the 8PM deadline. I took the slips and Fedex envelopes in to the legal assistant who was standing in the middle of the room, perplexed about how to assemble and stuff the packages. I took that over, and handed the stack of five packages to him to take to our waiting Fedex representative.

I learned a long time ago that TWO overwrought, nervous people is not a good thing where a deadline is involved. One of us has to remain calm. That’s generally me, so I go ahead and let the lawyers run up and down the hall tearing their hair out. Once I’ve gotten the project done, they calm down pretty quickly. (Then it’s my turn to do the Daffy Duck routine up and down the hall.)

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Daddy’s Girl, Esq.

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There is a very high-powered female attorney at our law firm. She is amazing. A very successful litigator, author of several respected legal treatises, scaler of Mount Kilamanjaro, mover of legal mountains large and small. A woman who swims in the most elegant of social waters. You get the idea.

Her office used to be next to my boss’s office (Bossette #1). What always amazed me about this woman was that as busy and hectic as her docket was, and as many irons as she had in the fire, and as feared as she might have been by her adversaries, when her father would call, I’d hear her answer the phone, “Hi, Daddy!”

It was during those times that I had the most respect for her. Not because she was a successful attorney. Not because she was an accomplished athlete. But because it was when she was in the company of her father she ceased to be anything except his little girl.