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When Web Design Clients Become Emotional Vampires

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I don’t usually blog about my web design clients. But this … this just takes the cake. Guy monopolizes my time for days on end, calls constantly, emails constantly. Sent the first bill, which he paid. Sent the final bill, after I rebuffed him by telling him I couldn’t possibly drop what I was doing to install WordPress, upload and configure plugins and tweak a design in under a day given my current schedule. And he knew that my husband was in the hospital and that I was running back and forth for that and had several ongoing projects I was also working on. But no matter. I was to drop everything for this web site that had to be up that day. I politely refused and when that didn’t work, I became a bit more stern. I finalized his current project according to his wishes. And sent my final bill. Fair enough, right? Apparently not.

For your reading pleasure. His email was sent after he received the $40 final invoice from me. (Believe me, I understated my time here.) I’ve redacted the name but I’ll be happy to supply it to anyone who asks for it. For your own sake, if you do any amount of WordPress work, beware this guy.

— Original Message —
Date: 6/22/2008
From: “Joni Mueller (Pixelita Designs)” <joni@pixelita.com>
Subject: Re: xxxxx.com .. Final Invoice

It wasn’t my learning curve, Xxxxxx. I explained to you it was an issue with the plugin itself and contacted the plugin author who corrected it. Explain to me then, how you think it was me who had something to learn? Oh, well, I take it back. The internet is full of gimme gimme gimme people like yourself. Self-absorbed, selfish, unprofessional boors. In fact a term has been coined for these people, and I count you among them: Emotional vampires.

And I have the over 100 emails you sent me in the span of several days to prove how much of my time you consumed.

I’ll just write this off and consider it the price I had to pay to learn what a FIRST CLASS JERK you truly are. And believe me, MY name carries more weight in the WordPress crowd than yours ever could. Bring it.

Joni Mueller

On 6/23/2008, “Xxxxxx Xxxxx” wrote:

Invoice not approved.

The misc efforts to replace and provide a working calendar was not billable time unless you want to bill for learning time

This invoice must be removed or I will file a note of dissatisfactin [sic] with misc[.] Word[P]ress groups

I am sure you want to withdraw this immediately.

Goodbye and good luck.

And those emails? Oh, you didn’t think I’d leave you without proof of the nearly 100 emails he sent in the span of less than a week, did you, my pretties?

102 emails busy guy