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In Facebook Jail Again….

Posted by Joni in About Me, Online Life


This time, the reason is even more outrageous than before. I belong to a group called Queen Sugar, the Discussion Group. Because it’s one of my favorite TV shows. Awhile back, I posted about the series’ star, Nova (played by one of my favorite accesses, Rutina Wesley). I mentioned that I didn’t think “that heifer was afraid of anything!” And I got trounced on for using the word “heifer”.


Facebook Jail

Posted by Joni in Online Life


I’ve been in Facebook “jail” (suspended from posting, liking, or commenting on Facebook) several times last year due to my interactions with Trumpanzees mostly.

This last round, I was suspended by Facebook for 30 days for “hate speech” which consisted of me sharing a video from “Ticked Off Vic”, which was a profanity-laced rant (it’s his schtick) about the energy failure in Texas over the past week. I posted my own profanity-laced commentary to that video in support of Vic’s position, with a final admonition, “Mask the fuck up”. That got me banned for 30 days.

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