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Holding My Breath

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Today, Serbia votes on a new president. The original voting, which took place on January 20, resulted in today’s runoff election between incumbent Boris Tadic and Tomislav Nikolic. While both oppose the secession of Kosovo, Tadic apparently is not prepared to impose sanctions or trade embargos against the West (meaning the U.S. for one), which probably will further isolate this troubled country from the rest of Europe. I have a vested interest in the outcome of this election as my very best friend in the world lives there. Sitting here today hoping for the right outcome, and remembering that you can cut diplomatic relations, you can impose embargos, you can refuse to deal with a certain entity. But you cannot cut heartstrings.

Update, 4:03PM CST/11:03PM CET

Serbian Election Commission:

Based upon 47,55 % of the votes that have been counted so far…
TADIC, Democratic Party 51,16 % of the votes
NIKOLIC, Serbian Radical Party 47,18 % of the votes

Thanks, Alex, for that update! :-)

It’s Official…

Tadic won.