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Dear Ungrateful, Annoying Twit of a Petty Co-Worker

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Just because you have a flowery scripture (that ends along the lines of “and leave the rest to God”) in your email signature does not mean that you can spew forth your venomous emotional vomit in the body of the message to me, ‘tay? Practice what you preach, sistah. Oh, and .. let’s keep God out of it, shall we? He doesn’t belong in the work place anyway and besides, He really can’t help you with this one. I think He’s busy doing God things. It’s not His fault, and it damn sure isn’t my fault that you don’t know how to style a Word document properly.



P.S. I’m no Christian, and if I were to step into a church, the walls would probably start to shake, but at least I know how to BEHAVE. Carry on.