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The Serbs Choose War

Posted by Joni in Politix, Serbia

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It’s the title of a book, now sadly out of print, but still found on the net and elsewhere, if you’re willing to spend some time to look. And you should. It’s an excellent book, written by Ruth Mitchell, sister of U.S. aviation pioneer Brigadier General William “Billy” Mitchell. It gives a first-hand, harrowing account of the Nazi bombing of Yugoslavia during Word War II. Ruth Mitchell was so profoundly moved by her experience during this devastating period that she dedicated proceeds from this book to help the Serbian people recover. From the book:


…Hurrying through a narrow choked passage, I came upon a sight I wish I might never have seen, for it will haunt me while I live.

The Germans, with their careful maps, had gone especially for the air-raid shelters (very few in this “open” city) —and especially for those meant for school children. Here in a little park one of these had received a direct hit. The hole was enormously deep. Trees uprooted lay tumbled as in the old game of spillikins.

And in their branches were parts of human bodies, arms, legs, heads — so small, so small — which other humans, their mothers and fathers, dazedly heavy and fumbling of movement, were slowly trying to collect

The book is hard to find, but if you search eBay and Amazon.com, you can find copies in decent (readable) condition for prices ranging from $25-$200. You can read some excerpts online.

Hat tip to Alexzandra Rebic at GeneralMihailovich.com.