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Party Like It’s 2018!

Posted by Joni in About Me


I turned 60 years of age on Friday, July 13. A party was had and here are some photos from it. Everyone who meant something to me was there. But of course, there were a handful who could not make it. They had decent excuses and they were sorely missed. (They know who they are!)

Dinner was at Kim-Son Restaurant, 2001 Jefferson, Houston, Texas. I had the shrimp egg foo young. We started out with Vietnamese egg rolls, the crispy ones that come with the fish sauce and cilantro and lettuce leaves. Honestly, I could have just eaten plates full of those all night long.

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Burek.com: Now Entering Its Second Decade!

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Huge congratulations, hugs, kisses, backslaps, all go out to my friend, Ivan, founder and curator of the largest Internet forum in Serbia, Burek.com, celebrating its 11th year today. The forum grew from being just a tiny spark of imagination in early 2002 to the thriving behemoth forum (it’s the largest forum running on Simple Machines Forum software) it has become today, with over 1.7 million registered users. It’s been a long path of personal commitment, sacrifice, sweat and tears. But I hope my friend thinks it is all worth it. Congratulations, buddy. You done good.


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Happy Birthday/Srecan Rodenjan!

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My best friend and web design partner owns and operates the largest internet forum in his country, and has since its inception. Today, that forum is six years old. Ivan, you’ve done a great job with it, I know it hasn’t been easy and sometimes it hasn’t been fun, but I know it’s very close to your heart and always will be. You should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished with it. Monkeys? Pshaw! :)

Happy Birthday Burek Forum