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Don’t Mess With A Balkan Boy

Posted by Joni in Media, Serbia

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They’re tough as nails and always ready with a snappy retort. My bestie can shut me up the way no one else ever has or could. It’s a proven fact. Need more proof you shouldn’t mess with a Balkan male? Read on!

Shepherd Tangles With Bear; Defends His Flock

Forty-eight year old Blazo Grkovi? from the village of Vrba in Gacko attacked a large brown bear with his axe when the bear threatened Grkovi?’s flock of sheep, which he was tending in the pasture in Volljak.

The shepherd sustained injuries all over his face and arms. His wife made the comment that you could tell from the condition of his shredded clothing that it was a long and vicious battle.

Grkovi joked that all the bears will now be moving away from Herzegovina, fearing for their safety.

10-4, Little Buddy!

Romanian poker player Cristian Dragomir goes up against “The Poker Brat,” Phil Helmuth, with nothing more than a 10 and a 4, while Phil has an Ace and a King. Watch what happens. The priceless quote from this, from Dragomir: I’m an idiot with a stack!.