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Somebody’s Darling

Posted by Joni in General


My friend and I happened upon this accident on our way out to dinner last night, we were just yards from the restaurant parking lot at the intersection of I-45 South and Woodridge when this accident happened. And it happened between 8:45 and 9PM last night, not 10:30PM as all the reports are saying. (I in fact Twittered it at 10:06PM, after I’d been at the restaurant for a good while.)

Of course, when we got to the restaurant, we told our friends about the drama unfolding nearby.  There were some expressions of surprise, but for the most part, as my friend observed in an email to me about it this morning, “life went on as if the incident were surreal.”  That man whose lifeless body we saw on the blood soaked pavement meant something to someone, I can only hope. Today, someone is wracked with grief over his loss.  Reminds me of an old Civil War poem: