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Discovered a great web site where you can go to trade CDs, books, LPs, DVDs and videos. Go check out what I’m getting rid of and browse around the site and see if there’s anything there you want. The currency at Swappington’s is points. You earn points by listing items you’d like to swap, by joining the mailing list (5 pts.) and by referring friends. So if you do decide to join, tell them JoniElectric sent you!

Now, I’m off to paw through my CDs and books to see what else I can list. I’d rather get rid of things this way than deal with the flakes on e-Bay. The seller is responsible for shipping costs, but if you are going to be swapping, it should even out eventually. A lot of people are dropping points on items just to move them quickly.

When you list an item, the system assigns it a point value, which you can decrease or increase, depending on the condition or rarity of the item. You should give an explanation for your variance from the assigned points so you won’t have a disgruntled buyer on your hands. Feedback is given similar to the feedback system on e-Bay. For a site that hasn’t been in operation that long, there’s plenty of stuff there to browse through. I’ve already got my eye on a couple of items. And I had an offer on one of my items within minutes of listing!

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