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Surprised By a Train

Posted by Joni in General

This article appeared in the Saturday edition of the Houston Chronicle. What got my attention was this statement:

…they tried to outrun a Union Pacific train that surprised them while they were reading a newspaper on a trestle

Okay, now I can understand their surprise if a John Deere tractor came rolling up. Or an ice cream truck. Or a 747. But they were sitting on the trestle of a fucking RAILROAD TRACK. Did it not occur to them a train might possibly happen along? I can even understand if they were at a bus stop — and alogn comes a train. In line at the grocery store. I might be “surprised” by a train there. But never on a train track. Where the hell ELSE would you find a train? The mind reels.

Uncle Charlie (Darwin) pays another visit. The world is made safe again.

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