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XP-alidocious. Goodness gracious, Mr. Gates, why I do declare. This new Windows XP/ Home OS…

sucks pondwater!! But I finally got my scanner to work, by finding an arcane setting in XP telling it to ignore when a driver is not XP signed (approved). So I snuck it in that way, along with my Lacie Monitor, which was originally designed for the Mac crowd.

Cannot import or move my files from the old Win98 box with my parallel data cable, nor can I ever use my parallel Zip drive on it. The NTFS file system doesn’t recognize parallel ports for anything besides printers, apparently, so I’ll need to go to Shadio Rack next week and get a serial data cable.

I did get smart, though, and FTP up some of my files to my web space, and then download them from the new machine. But I sure don’t plan to do that to move 3-4 GBs worth of MP3 files. I’ll post more from my perch on the “Window” ledge later this week!

Now, I think I hear my pillow calling me.

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