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Sunday Stumpers

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1) What’s the best analogy of the cultural aspect of the U.S.? Melting pot? Tossed Salad? Gumbo? Mosaic?
Melting pot seems to fit the bill. Actually, sluice would probably be more like it, given our collective mores of late. But that’s a blog for another day.

2) What animal(s) creeps you out? Why?
I’m not easily “creeped out” by anything. But I definitely do not like June Bugs. Something about that noise they make when they fly up against the window or screen just makes my flesh crawl. The sad thing is that they are quite harmless, just annoying. Which is exactly how I’d describe some people I know….

3) What one thing would your friends be surprised to know about you?
I know that I’m considered one of the best at what I do (at least where I work) and have been praised in all of my employment reviews for my ability to “crank out large volumes of work under extreme pressure” and “rarely make a typing error,” but I failed typing in high school! More about that later….

4) What one piece of advice did someone (parent, teacher, friend) give you that you take to heart even to this day?
Believe it or not, one of my ex-boyfriends gave me this piece of advice while we were dating: “Simplify your life.” I had moved to Houston from San Antonio in the hopes of getting my financial life back in order. While trying to “keep” my relationship with Robert I went out and bought a brand new car and the car payments were killing me. Repossession was imminent. I was amazed every time I went out to the parking lot in the morning and the car was still there. “Yay, I have a way to work!” So while in the middle of juggling all this, he uttered that gem of wisdom as he knew it was one of the things that kept me awake at night. So with the money in hand which was the equivalent of two car payments, I went to a cheesy little used car lot in Pasadena, Texas and picked out a nice, clean Mazda 626 stick shift. And walked away with a clear title. That night, I slept like a baby. I’ve never forgotten those words. Especially while shopping on e-Bay. Do I really NEED this? Hrm. You’d be amazed at the things I can talk myself into buying when I’m bored!

5) What do you most want for your next birthday?
Here’s one of those things from Question 4. Its a handy gadget, but not necessary. That’s why I haven’t gone out and bought it yet. It’s an infrared printer port so I don’t have to go out and buy another printer for my laptop or mess around unplugging the ones I have just so I can print from it. I have two printers connected to my desktop, an HP Deskjet 540 (which I seldom use because I don’t like the print quality) and an HP Laserjet 5M (its huge!). Once you’re used to the quality of a laser printer’s output, you just can’t go back to inkjet. Call me a laser snob!

But this is by far the nicest birthday present I’ve ever received. I flew out to SoCal on Friday the 13th of July last year (my birthday!) to drive this beauty back to Texas. What a ride!

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