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Sunday Stumpers

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1) What’s one thing in your life that you can’t life without? I guess if I HAD to, I could live without just about anything. I would not WANT TO live without Robert and his companionship.

2) What’s missing from your life right now? Well, I guess when we start feeling complacent (like we have everything we want/need), then we stop trying to achieve. Don’t know; that’s too deep for a Sunday morning. The thing that is missing from my life now that I want to have very soon is a home of my own. Not a place where I pay rent. So, in a nutshell, I guess the answer is “financial security.”

3) When you are alone with your special/ideal someone, without benefit of TV, radio, games, or books, do you spend your time laughing, fighting, having deep discussions, in silence, or pulling your hair out? Definitely laughing and having wonderful, deep discussions.

4) Things happen in our lives and have the potential to change us profoundly. Are you still the same person you’ve been all your life regardless of those events? Absolutely not. I had a wake-up call back in 1990. It really drove home the point for me how much I loved my life, as shitty as it seemed at the time, and I think I changed for the better at that time.

5) Are you content now? Yes, I am!

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