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Sunday Stumpers

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1. What’s one thing you did as a child that you regret? I yelled at my uncle because he didn’t go visit my mother in the hospital when she was very ill. I was 15 at the time, and you know there’s nothing smarter on the planet than a 15 year old girl. He told me to shut my mouth about things I knew nothing about. But I stamped my foot and had my tantrum. Years later, after he passed away, I mentioned the conversation to my mother. She told me he was deathly afraid of hospitals and it just upset him so to go there himself or even to visit someone he cared about…. I never apologized to him for mouthing off like that.

2. What’s the weirdest compliment anyone’s ever given you? “You have cute ways.” (Boy, I must have had that poor bastard fooled!)

3) What’s your biggest flaw? I am anal about so many things, so I tend to get bogged down in the details. I suspect that is one reason I’m having so many problems with my job right now. I want to do a GOOD job — no, I want to do an excellent job — but I’m far too busy for that now. I just have to settle for getting the job done at all.

4. Quick temper or slow burn? I’m very healthy in that I spew it out right away; I don’t hold it back. Then, once I’ve purged myself of my wrath, I’m fine again. I forgive and forget fairly easily unless it’s a very serious matter. But most stuff, once I’m over it, I’m over it. Robert has learned that when I’m crying about something, he’s still okay because at that point, I can be reasoned with. It’s when I’m quiet that he better watch out. This means that my mind is made up on a course of action and there’s no stopping me now!

5. Are you more of a sexual person or a sensual person? Definitely sensual. Sex is over-rated; the senses are under-utilized. I am a tactile person, I like touching things. But I don’t particularly care to be touched, other than by those I’m very close to. For that reason, I don’t care much for dancing — with total strangers. I do not like total strangers having their arms around me, etc. I guess it’s just weirdness on my part. I always enjoy smelling things — well, certain things anyway! — such as my cats’ fur. I love burying my face in Simon’s or Sunny’s neck. Their fur smells like fresh towels. I also love smelling leather. I recently bought a new leather briefcase and I love smelling it, inside and out!

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