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Sunday Stumpers

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1. Which blogger’s home do you most want to visit? None, actually. I want to keep the dream alive. To visit their home is to destroy the mystique!

2. What’s the weirdest job interview you’ve ever had? Back in San Antonio, I went on an interview for a legal secretarial position over the lunch hour. This was back in the early 1980s, before the advent of computers. The lawyer had me take some dictation (it was a motion and an order), transcribe the dictation, WHICH HE THEN TOOK AND FILED WITH THE COURT, and of course, I didn’t get the job. What a schmuck. But, I wouldn’t have wanted to work for someone like that anyway. Still, it took a hella nerve on his part to pull that one off. Bah, lawyers. (Guess I never learned, did I?)

3. What’s the one thing that gets you into trouble (the most) in a relationship (of any kind)? I tend to pick them apart and analyze them too much.

4. What scares you most? My own mortality. I’m just old enough now to start worrying in earnest about my retirement, our security, where we will live, how we will live. Five years ago, I couldn’t have cared LESS how much money my 401K has in it or how my stocks were doing. Now I hover over them like a nervous mother over a feverish child.

5. What are the top 5 traits your mate must possess? (In no particular order) Intelligence; sense of humor; tolerance; kindness (especially toward animals); unconditional love (of himself and of me), because without THAT, it’s all just a cheap nightclub act.

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