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Sunday Drive: 2000 GTM Libra

Posted by Joni in General

Today’s Sunday drive probably won’t ever be seen on any streets in the United States. This is the 2000 GTM Libra, from the U.K. Here are the specs:


Length 140″
Width 65″
Height 45″
Weight (Road Trim): 695kg
Ground Clearance: 5.5″
Engine K-Series: 1118-1800cc; 2500cc K-Series V6 is an option.
Gearbox: Standard 5-speed
Wheelbase: 91″
Body Type: 2-Seater mid-engined coupe
Chassis Type: Fibreglass monocoque
Suspension Type:
Front: Double unequal length wishbones & AVO shock absorbers
Rear: Double trailing wishbones & AVO shock absorbers
Braking System: Servo-assisted disk brakes on all wheels


Click on the thumbnails below to view the large images.

Picture 1:
2000 GTM Libra V6 black=a.jpg

Picture 2:
2000 GTM Libra V6 black=d.jpg

Picture 3:
2000 GTM Libra V6 black=e.jpg

Picture 4:
2000 GTM Libra V6 black=f.jpg

Picture 5:
2000 GTM Libra V6 black=g.jpg

Picture 6:
2000 GTM Libra V6 black=h.jpg

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