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Sunday Drive: 1986 Nissan 300ZX

Posted by Joni in General

Today I present you with One Cool Z car. This is my friend, Spot‘s pride and joy, affectionately named “Al.” And Al is no ordinary Z-Car. He is a show winner. He took second place in the November 2001 Autorama here in Houston, and again in February. But in June 2002, at the 15th Annual ZCCA Convention in San Antonio, Texas, Al won First Place in competition with cars from all over the world!

This near-mint 1986 turbo 2-seater reflects updated styling from the original 300ZX. The 1986 300ZX came with self-color side molding, subtle ground effects, a rear spoiler (turbo models only), headlamp washers (but, curiously, no wipers a la the Mercedes Benz), and elimination of the hood scoop found on the 1984-85 models.

[NOTE: As of this writing, the nissanpower site, including my own is down and has been for several days. This is something that it seems nissanpower users, even those PAYING for premium webspace like yours truly, must put up with a couple of times a year. So if her site is down when you read this, bookmark it and check back. She has a penchant for taking cars apart and putting them back together again. Awesome!]


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