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Sunday Drive: 1958 BMW Isetta

Posted by Joni in General

Today’s Sunday Drive, as adorable as it is, would not be practical on the streets of Houston where you have to contend with potholes bigger than this car is, big rigs blasting past at speeds in excess of the legal speed limit, etc., etc., etc. But it sure is cute and I wouldn’t mind having one as a second car. When Princess Hoopty is down.

Here’s the website of a proud Isetta owner. Bear in mind, this IS a Beemer….

Image 1
1956 BMW Isetta Conv-blu-fVl=mx=.jpg

Image 2
1956 BMW Isetta Conv-blu-int=mx=.jpg

Image 3
1956 BMW Isetta Conv-blu-fVr=mx=.jpg

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