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Suit Happens

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Okay, maybe I’ve been on the defense side of the law too long, but I think this $28 million jury verdict for a 64-year old smoker in California (I’m now beginning to believe Acidman, who proclaimed awhile back that California is the “nutbowl” of the country) is going off the deep end. That she now has lung cancer that has metastasized to her liver should be no surprise to someone who’s been smoking for over 45 years.

Of course, having seen appellate law in action, it will also be no surprise when the case is appealed (and the verdict thrown out or at least reduced).

I have an abundance of sympathy for people who have been wrongfully injured or have suffered at the hands of another (whether it is an individual or a corporation). I have NO sympathy for someone who partakes of an activity which is known to be hazardous to their health, then wants to pass “Go” and collect at the courthouse steps. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out cigarettes, tobacco, nicotine, have been killing people for ages. People, this is NOT health food.

Stupidity and ignorance should not be rewarded. If any jury in this country wants to send out a “message” to any litigant it should be that frivolous lawsuits are a waste of the court’s resources and prevent truly legitimate claims from being heard. You know the old saying, “shit happens”? I guess it’s been turned around so that when someone is injured or stricken ill (whether at his own hands or not), the new maxim is “Suit happens.”

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