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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?

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I’ve been reading alot about Code Pink lately. From this article at www.alternet.com:

No Code Pink participant that I interviewed discussed her womb or her period (for this I was grateful). But Nina Human, the protester from Atlanta, said she felt that “women need to get together because it’s our sons and daughters they’ll force to go over there.” Besides, she added, “I think women are basically more peaceful people.”

This sort of sentiment doesn’t sit well with Jenny Brown, a Gainesville, Florida, activist who is a member of Redstockings (yes, this radical feminist group, founded in the 1960s, is still around). “Since when are women naturally peaceful?” asks Brown. “Harriet Tubman carried a gun when she ran the underground railroad.”

Yeah, amen to THAT! The last few people to have made the headlines here in Houston for killing other human beings have been women.

What keeps me from jumping onto this peace (??) bandwagon (wearing my Pepto-Bismol Pink dress, natch!) is the implication I get from reading the article that unless you’ve squeezed out a kid or two, you can’t possibly be a nurturing, caring person. I’m childless. And I say: Bullshit. I am TOO a caring nurturing person! Oh well.

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